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I want to speak to “pro choice” people out there. I hope you will give me a few minutes of your time, because we all need to hear the truth about abortion. We will never hear it from the mainstream media. The reason they give is that it is too “graphic”…..If they admit it “graphic”….I can think of a lot more descriptive words for it. If we could witness an abortion, it would make the worst horror flick look like a Sunday School Picnic.

I know that you people who claim to be “pro choice” have your hearts in the right place.

You think that you are letting other people make their own choices in life. Supposedly, a woman’s choice of what to do with “her own body”. That’s fine. If she wants to have one of her organs removed, or remove her arm or leg, she is certainly free to do that, but let’s for a moment look at this from God’s standpoint. The Bible says in Jeremiah that He has known us “from in the womb”….He knew us as a person since conception. He’s had plans for us since that time. Children are innocent at birth, and instinctively know God. Children are unspeakably precious to God. Jesus said this in Matthew 18:6, “ but whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea,”

Pretty strong words …and that’s just for offending a child. What about torturing and killing him? What? You don’t believe that happens? “ Not in a medical clinic, certainly.

That’s why we made it legal, so it will be properly done“ right? WRONG!!!

Two things you can be sure of in a “pro-choice” situation. One is that there is no real choice. The multi-billion-dollar abortion industry is not about to let pro-life counselors talk to any potential abortion participants. It would be a choice if the women and girls were told the pros and cons of each side, and if they could see an ultra sound of their own baby, along with photos of the procedure so they can make an educated choice.

Instead, they are insulted with innuendos and lies about their child and the procedure.

They are not allowed to see an ultrasound, and they are not told the truth about what the procedure entails. This is an insult to the woman and murder for the child because she had no chance to make an intelligent decision. Its all about money. The abortion industry knows that, given all the information, very few, if any, women would kill their own child……especially the way it is done at abortion mills.

People who are pro choice imagine that the baby is peacefully and comfortably euthanized….maybe something like euthanizing a puppy….while lovingly resting in the arms of a loved one. The baby will go to sleep peacefully and not wake up.

That’s a pretty picture, and it does a lot of keep our guilt at bay, but it is very far from the truth.. The fact is, babies are either burned to death in the womb by an injected solution, which burns painfully into every cell in their little bodies….inside and out, while they live, and while abortionists and their assistants watch the little body writhing in pain, trying to escape the horror that surrounds it in what was once a safe and warm haven of nourishment. Eventually, as the cells can no longer function, merciful death takes over.

Or their limbs are torn off, one at a time, while they are still alive….finally, the head, after which, mercifully, death finally occurs and the intense pain and fear finally ceases.

A third method is to deliver part of the head only, then stick a scissors into the back of the head, insert a tube, and suck out his brain while he is alive, crushing the scull.

A veterinarian would never be so cruel as to use methods like this for an animal, but abortion “doctors” have no problem sleeping nights after a full day of this cruelty …day after day.

I am positive that if the mothers were shown a clip of a typical abortion, before they made their choice, we would not have to have a law against it. Abortions would cease, or nearly so. But, since money speaks louder than the babies’ cries, and greed far exceeds love, well-meaning people will continue to believe the lies and ignore the hidden secrets of the abortion industry.

What I don’t understand about pro choice people is that they can be OK with the fact that if a mother smothers her baby in the crib at one or two days old, she is guilty of murder, as she should be, but that same mother, same baby, just a week before that can walk into an abortion mill and have a “procedure” done, which will torture, mutilate and cause indescribable horror to that same baby, and pro choicers have no problem using their tax money to PAY FOR IT!!! Just a week difference, and a much more horrible method.

I know what you’re thinking….”I don’t like abortion, but I can’t tell someone else what to do with her body.” If you are an adult of reasonable intelligence, you can’t REALLY believe that!!! This is another of the lies of the abortionists. You know in your heart, especially you women, that the baby is near to you, but he isn’t PART of you!!! He is being nourished by you, but he has a completely different DNA and probably has a different blood type than his mother. He is a separate person….You know, in your heart, that this has nothing to do with the mother’s body.

Murder is murder, and torture is torture, ….not seeing it doesn’t make it not happen.

God sees these dear, precious children and hears their cries.

No, people who claim to be pro-choice don’t tell people to have abortions. But, that’s not enough….If you look the other way, you are guilty also.

If you’re walking down the street, and you see someone killing another person, what will you do? Will you say, “ I wouldn’t kill anyone, and I think its wrong, but I can’t tell someone else how to spend their time.?”….That is ridiculous! You know you wouldn’t have that attitude, because you know it is wrong, and you are appalled at it. You would call the police. In fact, if you don’t, and they find out you witnessed it, you would be implicated in the crime.

But, what are you doing when babies are being tortured and torn apart, sometimes left to die in the abortion “clinic” garbage? It is just as hideous as a crime on the street, but you choose to ignore it. Someone once told me not to “put the gun in my hand”….But, when you ignore a crime against God and His Children, you have the gun in your hand.

When I was a child, and whenever I would be careless in some fashion, causing damage or irritation to something or someone, my defense would be, “I didn’t try to”…..

My parents response would always be “but you didn’t try NOT to”

Please, don’t subscribe to that childish attitude. If you are not trying to keep God’sFeatured image precious creations alive, you are a part in killing them.

You are witnessing a crime in tremendous proportions….”call 911”….by advocating pro-life laws, or at least education for the mothers so they can make an intelligent decision.

At the very least, dear people, at the very least, give the mothers the education to make a real choice……

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