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Jesus taught us to pray for Jerusalem. He wept over Jerusalem, and said how He wanted to hold them in His arms. I believe that for everything described in the physical, in God’s Word, there is a parallel spiritual meaning.

God’s chosen people, the Jews, have their spiritual counterpart, which are born again believers, who are grafted into the Jewish heritage of Abraham.

We are called the temples of the Holy Spirit when we’ve accepted Jesus as our Saviour and Lord. The Holy of Holies in our “temple” is our spirits. Thus, we can be compared to the city of Jerusalem, and the physical temple.

When you see Jerusalem, it looks like many other cities on the outside.

But, on the inside beats the Heart of God!!

On the inside there are conflicts between good and evil, and a lasting desire to cling to God, despite the turmoil.

On the inside, the people are dealing with the ups and downs of life, desires, sin, and weaknesses

And, on the inside, the ultimate end time battles will be fought—evil forces merciless fighting against God’s beautiful people. There will be casualties, and there will be victories.

But, when it is over….on the inside……Our Wonderful Messiah will sit on the throne of David and rule His beloved people….Jew and Gentile together in the temple of Our Lord!!!


Jewish man praying

Likewise, we, who have given our lives to Our Lord, look like ordinary people on the outside….we go through our daily routines and communicate the same as other people.

But…on the inside beats the Heart of God!!!

On the inside, we, too, battle against spiritual wickedness…with the armor and power of God.

On the inside, we have our ups and downs of life, as we face our sins and weaknesses while crucifying our old nature after we have become a new creation in Christ.

And, on the inside we, too, will have that ultimate end time battle with evil. The devil has been let loose, and deception and temptation will become worse. There will be casualties, and there will be victories.

But, as with Israel, when it is over, the Lord will STILL be on the throne of our lives if we stay with Him to the end, and we will worship Him in the physical temple in Jerusalem.

We need to pray for each other, and we need to pray for Jerusalem and Our Lord’s chosen people. We honor them as the chosen race, who are so dear to the heart of Our Lord, and we are grateful for the privilege of the opportunity to join the chosen ones, and rest in the arms of our Beloved Savior.

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