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Are you abused?………

You know what kind of abuse I’m talking about…….emotional abuse…..mental abuse….the kind that hurts as much as a physical blow….. (If you are experiencing physical abuse, please seek professional protection and help!)

You’ve probably been hurt that way…..that’s why you’re reading this. You know that it is degrading, depressing, enraging, and suppressing.

Do you think that God can be the victim of abuse?

That’s not a common thought for us humans. God is God, and we are not….isn’t that the general idea?

You may say that I spend a lot of time telling people to think about how powerful, ultra-wise, and enormously wonderful God is, then I say that “little ol’ us” can ABUSE HIM?? RIDICULOUS!!!!!

But, great as His other qualities are, His feelings are also great. He is love… much as He loves us, it hurts Him to see us reject Him…..Not for Himself, because He is selfless, but because of what it does to us.

Isn’t that part of the victim pain in human abuse situations? Isn’t it that we love the other person, sacrifice for them, and it hurts us that they don’t recognize it, and, in fact, seem to resent it? Aren’t we hurting for them as much as ourselves when we see that they don’t enjoy our love?

If we can feel that way, how much more does the God of Love feel that way?????

When He created Adam and Eve, think of the Love that He gave them? He loved to fellowship with them “in the cool of the day”, as the Bible says. God walked with Adam in the garden. How He loved those first humans!!!!!….Everything was all about pleasing them..

They and God both lived for nothing else except for Adam and Eve to be happy!!!! Think how wonderful that was!!!!!

He only gave them one command…not to eat of the fruit of the tree in the center of the garden. How bad was that? They had more than enough perfect foods to eat, a peaceful life, perfect weather all the time, no sickness or discomfort, no work to do, the love of each other, and the Love and fellowship of their God and Creator… good can life get???

So, what do they do? They eat of that ONE tree!!!! God asked “Why”….”Why would you do that ONE thing I asked you not to do? What have I done to make you hurt me and yourself? What have I left undone for you? I gave you life…..MY life, and My love, and every creature comfort that you were created to need…..WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS? …… I believe God cried then…..Jesus cried when He looked upon Jerusalem and remembered His people betraying Him…and seeing into the future of betrayals….so I believe the Father cried way back then…at the first betrayal. The first act of abuse to another Being. That’s where it started…Sin and lack of feeling for another person….Sin and Selfishness.

It all started with that tree, and then and there, God, the creator of the Universe, was the victim of abuse.

When someone hurts you, He knows how you feel….He felt it for you at two times, in two gardens….at the Garden of Eden, and the Garden of Gethsemane (See my blog  entitled “In the Garden—Suffering”)

And the fact that He does know how you feel, makes the pain for Him that much worse when we ourselves abuse Him again!!!!! “Oh no” you say, “No….I’m a victim….not a predator”…I don’t abuse.

Don’t you? I know I do. I’m pretty sure you do, too, Just as Adam and Eve hurt God, we do too, every time we sin in thought, word, or deed.

I know what you’re saying, “I don’t need more guilt, he dumps enough on me.”

What I’m talking about is not guilt, its opportunity for your natural human nature to soar to great heights.   Its the only way to get you “out from under” and come up healthy, strong, and happy!!!

So, lets get things right with our Lord, our Creator, our Saviour, and our Husband (see my blog “Thy Maker is Thine Husband”)

Abuse victims need to focus on our vertical relationship more than their horizontal relationships….that will bring things into focus and give us the “Mind of Christ” we are promised in His Word.      Stay in the Arms of Our Saviour!!!

father, daughter



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