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MAKING THE “UNWHOLE” WHOLE  (plus a song for you!!!)

I am speaking here to the abused woman in her situation.

Be perfectly clear, I am not saying that this is the ONLY thing you may need to do in your particular situation. You may need to seek the law (in the case of physical abuse), or you may need to seek counseling, or speak to your abuser in a different way….I am NOT dealing with that segment of your situation.

What I am dealing with, and what the Lord is concerned with in this writing, is your inner self as concerns your relationship with your Lord (I am assuming you are saved…please read my previous writings on salvation and submission) and with your partner/abuser.

You need to focus on YOU before you can focus on HIM.

You need to be made whole before you can deal with the “unwholeness” in him.

Your Lord and Saviour, and Husband (see  writing, “Thy Maker is thy Husband” in this category on this site) is trying to speak to you, but you are too much in pain to hear Him. Take a moment now, not just at prayer time, but now…..and look at Him. He is near, waiting to hold you…..Oh, He does hold you, but you need to focus on His love to feel it.

When you are being verbally abused, stop and be silent within yourself, and seek His voice, His smile, His hand in yours.

You are not what your (husband) is calling you…….you, no doubt, are not perfect.

You, no doubt, have made mistakes….committed sins……for which you were forgiven if you have gone to Your Lord in repentance……so don’t fall for the lies coming from the mouth of another victim.

I know what you’re saying, “easy for you to say”……Its easy for me to say now, because I’ve been there…..I’ve had to reach out for the same Hand you need to hold. I feel the pain even now, as I remember it……but I know now, looking back, that My Lord was ALWAYS there.

Verbal abuse is a poison…. A slow poison. I knew the dangers, and I thought that if I was aware of the dangers, I would escape the low self esteem and broken-ness that is inevitable, The Lord showed me with a simple thing….I had a box of Corn flour, sealed and new, on the shelf in my store room, and in my haste, I put a box of dryer sheets on the same shelf….both were sealed tightly. But, months later, I was going to use the flour, and it tasted strongly of fragrance from the dryer sheets. The Lord spoke to me about my abusive situation with that.

He said that is how the pain and self-degradation gets absorbed slowly in our hearts and minds…..even though we think we are sealed against it. It wasn’t until I had been away from my abuser for some time before I realized how much damage he had done. It took the Lord ten years to heal me.

So, it is easy for me to say now, but it wasn’t then. The Lord stayed by me through it all. I spent many hours just sitting with Him…..I worked on my dairy farm, and was afraid to go to the house, so I sat with my Lord….feeling His arm on my shoulder while I cried out to Him.

Don’t doubt for a moment that He is with you, and when the shouting starts,…..when you are called names that you know you aren’t……just reach your hand down, and grasp His…..Your hand isn’t empty, and neither is your heart……He is touching you in the midst of the chaos…..

He is there, giving peace to your heart while your mind is being torn apart….but keep bringing your mind back to Him…..He is your REAL Husband……He is all that will make you whole, so don’t listen to the other… matter what your body is doing on the outside, no matter how much your abuser can grab your mind……he cannot do a thing to your heart and spirit…..

So, give your heart to Your Lord over and over again……more thoroughly each time, until His heart surrounds yours, and your mind will follow.

The Word says to “Put on the Mind of Christ”…..that is what you need to do….concentrate so hard on His love for you, and your healing will begin.

Some of you will remember the Christian song called “When God Ran”

The Lord, at that time, gave me different words for that song, and He gives them to YOU now:


Almighty God, The Great I Am,
Immovable Rock, Omnipotent, Powerful,
Awesome Lord.
Victorious Warrior, Commanding King of Kings,
Mighty Conqueror and the only time,

The only time I ever saw Him run

Was when He ran to me, grabbed me in His arms,

Swung me all around and said “My little girl is here with me”

He looked in my face, wiped the tears from my eyes, and with Love in his voice, He said,

Girl, do you know how I love you?”

It took me by surprise, when God ran.

And when He ran to me, He sat me on His lap, wrapped me in His arms and held me, oh, so very tight.

He pulled me to His chest, rocked me back and forth, and with the softest voice, He said, “Hon, you’re so beautiful to Me.”

My tears were turned to Joy, when God ran.


This song, dear daughter of the King, is for you…. Please, .Let Him sing it to you, and put your pieces back together.

broken roses

fixed roses.

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