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I don’t think there are many people who are unaware of the strange and powerful events occurring all over the world at this time. For discerning Christians, this is clearly good vs. evil…..spiritual warfare among principalities in heavenly places. Christians can no longer remain neutral in political matters, which have infiltrated into our spiritual and material lives like never before.

The gap between true Christians and non Christians is widening. There will be no fence sitters. We are being tested by how we respond to the events taking place around us. Is Jesus truly Lord of every ounce of our being, or do we fear the governments of this world?

We have to stand on whatever level we are. The church is being tested. God will not do it for us without us taking a stand.

Just praying isn’t enough. With His people, God always had them do something as a sign to Him and to others that they are willing to obey.

If we can’t stand now, in these times, when evil is evident, how will we stand when physical persecution begins?

Please, do not believe the false teaching that Christ will come and take us away from all this before the tribulation. This teaching is not Biblical, it is a lie from the devil, created in the 1930’s, to put the Church to sleep, stripping her of her use of the Power of Jesus Christ, as she yawns and waits to be wisked away. The Bible is perfectly clear that we need to develop our relationship with Our Lord and use it in the times in which we find ourselves, wherever and whenever we were put by Him. Obedience and submission to Our Lord Jesus Christ is what the church is called to do, not fall asleep on our spiritual couches and wait for our Lover to come back.

Please, read my many posts in the category on this website, “Lighting the Darkness of Pre-Trib “Rapture” Deception.” about this VERY IMPORTANT Truth, and the deception many in the church have fallen into.

Jesus will indeed come for His Church, as He said, but His Word is abundantly clear that it will be AFTER the tribulation, and many other events, for which we need to keep watch and look up, asking for our commands, standing on His Word, doing spiritual warfare, proclaiming the Truth, and keeping our eyes on Him, not sleepily looking for Him to carry us away on a cloud!!!!

Dear Father, We are on our faces before You, asking forgiveness for our sins, failures, weaknesses, and false priorities in our lives. Please forgive us, change us, purify us, and draw us ever closer to You.

Please give us discernment, spiritual eyes, to see Your great plan for each of us in the events that are occurring.


 Help us to see the Eternal Vision, and how these things fit into that Plan. Help us to keep our eyes on Our Lord Jesus Christ, as we re-dedicate ourselves to Him. Help us to understand Your Pure Word as we look for Truth, and to embrace it as You show it to us, even if it means alienation from others, and help us to obey every detail of that Truth, no matter where that takes us. Please give us the humility to allow You to change us, and the courage to stand up for You and Your Truth, even if Your will should include suffering and death. We praise You for Who You are, and we ever cling to You. We pray these things because of the Salvation and Lordship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and in His Mighty Name, we ask them. Amen

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