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When I got up that morning, I felt a deep sadness….of late years, I’ve felt that every morning, because of the times we live in, as I do my intercessory praying during morning milking. But, this morning, it was different. As I read my emails quickly before going out, I had one from a dear friend of mine, who is very close to the Lord. The Lord had told her clearly, “that which is to come is upon us.” The urgency I’ve felt in recent years to show people salvation, and pray for them to accept the Lord, was intensified.

As I was working, when I would usually be praying, I found I couldn’t pray. I couldn’t pray in the Spirit, or in the understanding. This has never happened before, and of course, I asked why? I asked, “Lord, what part of the End Times are upon us?..the beast, the period of no buying or selling without the mark? What is it?

Then I heard Him very clearly, He said,

Just be still and sit and grieve with Me. In the garden that night, My disciples wouldn’t sit and grieve with Me. I needed them to pray, but I needed them to grieve with Me. I wasn’t grieving for Myself then, but for all my people who would not believe on Me and be lost.

But the grief I feel now is far greater, because the loss will be far greater. I need My people to sit with Me and grieve, then to stand with Me and pray, and open their hearts to submit to My will like never before in the history of mankind. I need My people to come to know Me intimately, like never before, and to repent wholeheartedly and often to stay pure before Me. I need My people to feel My breaking heart….feel the pain of a Father’s heart as I must loose evil on My children!!!! Feel My heart break as people who called me Lord turn away and embrace the most hideous evil!!!! I need My people to pray in the Spirit….learn to be guided by Me for every Word and every move…Only pray My words, only speak My words, for they are Spirit and they are Truth, and My Word never returns to me void, but it accomplishes everything it sets out to do.” Rely fully on Me, My dear ones……..IT IS DANGEROUS IN THESE TIMES TO RELY ON ANYTHING LESS!!!

For the time has come ….the time of the “falling away” that I said must come first.

The time of the testing of My chosen ones, and judgment on the others. There will be no lukewarm….I have broken the barriers on satan, given him free rein on the world, and only My Spirit will stand against him. Like the test for My servant Job, I have heretofore put barriers upon satan in the world, saying “thus far and no farther” but now, the barriers are no more.!!

BUT…I will pour My Mighty Spirit upon all flesh……Your children will prophesy and your old men will dream dreams……..a Mighty move of My Spirit like never before in the history of mankind……….listen, my children, for the Still Small Voice, and come to Me very often to know Me, for the devil is ready to deceive in all areas.


 He has always been deceiving, but it will be even more devious. Watch for false doctrines, which are only discerned by My Spirit within you…..cling to Me, My beloved……Cling to Me!!!”

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