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In the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, God gave Adam the earth to till, and He gave him authority over the animals, to the point where he named them. This was no small thing, because in those days, when words were truly words (and not corrupted and relatively meaningless as they are today) names determined the characteristics, personalities, and destiny of those named.

The devil accomplished a great victory from his point of view in that Garden, but he didn’t win the war he wants to win.

His goal was to gain control of the earth and all living things on it, which were given to Adam. He did, of course, manage to corrupt mankind, and gain a foothold in the world for that reason, which, as we, as Christians know, is the reason for the need for salvation through Jesus Christ.

In the Old Testament, there are accounts of wild animals tearing people apart, and it seems to be a common thought. If someone (like Joseph) was missing, it was assumed that a wild animal attacked. Strong aggressiveness in nature can be a sign of demonic control. During those times, there were giants in the earth, “men of renown” who were the product of intermarrying between demonic “men” and human women. It stands to reason that the animals were also affected by these activities, since bestiality is common among demonic people.

When God’s people arrived at the Promised Land and had to fight for it, sometimes the Lord would tell them to destroy everything of a conquered people….men, women, children, animals, and material possessions. The reason for this was that in those cities, demons were abundant, and they could possess anything…living or inanimate. This is why God was so strict about not taking contraband from these places. For other enemies, He allowed, or encouraged the taking of objects, valuables, and slaves. These people were not corrupted by possessing demons.

Ever since Christ’s sacrifice, the devil has been speeding things up, knowing his time is short. In recent years, we have seen a great rise in the energy exerted through the environmental cause…..those who worship the physical earth, and wild animals. It has strongly invaded governments, and is being forced on the people, intertwined and empowered by the one world government forces and world powers.

Why does the devil want to gain control of the earth and animals? Why is he working so hard in peoples’ minds to force these issues?

Because, even though he may invade the earth and nature, he can’t gain control of it, because it belongs to man through Adam.

His only way to defeat Almighty God and gain control over all He has created, is through man!!! The same way he accomplished his first step in the Garden of Eden…..through deception and intimidation.

So, he plants his lies, his seeds of deception and rebellion against God, and he plants his lies and whisperings in the Church, …….the hideous lies of tolerance. The false love that is not love at all, but embracing of the great sins of satan in this world!!!!!

Many people who consider themselves Christians need to drop to their knees and examine themselves thoroughly in the light of the Holy Spirit. See if they are falling for this great deception because of fear, which, in itself is a sin!!! (See my writing “Denominational Churches and Satan’s Question”)

We all love animals….I run a dairy farm, and I care for, and love all animals. We try to be good stewards of the earth also, replenishing and caring for the land God gave us to work..….but we must keep them in the perspective that God put them. He put Adam in charge over the animals and the earth, and commanded him to care for them, which we are to do.

They are not to be worshiped by mankind. They are not to be set up above mankind, and people are not to suffer because of animals or the natural earth. There are so many lies, and money grabbing coming from this movement, that people are intimidated by it.

The Book of Revelations says that God will punish the people who destroy the earth. These people, who say they want to save it, are actually out to destroy the earth because they are influenced by the devil in his plan to take God’s place,

, which, we all know, will not happen, but it is important that people not fall for the lies in the process, and lose sight of God.

It is important to get back to God’s Word!!!

The Lord has put a great grief on my heart  for the people who call Him Lord, but are not His true Church. They are falling for the lies and deceptions in the area talked about above, and in the end times falsehoods, like the eminent rapture and return of Christ. This is a lie that is designed by the devil to put the church asleep in their discernment of false doctrines. They believe they will not be here for the Great Tribulation because Christ will come and wisk them away, so why should they be prepared to cling to Him through the most terrible time of deception in the history of the world?!!!



(Go to the category, “Lighting the Darkness of the Pre Trib “Rapture” Deception” to see my many proofs of the untruth of this doctrine)

Christ will return, in all His Glory, but the Word is clear that it will be after the appearance of the “Beast”,  and world domination, persecuting anyone who calls on the Name of Jesus Christ.

Only by keeping our relationship to Our Lord pure, and totally submitting to His will in our lives, but never to the will of the world and the devil, can we remain on the strait and narrow path.

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