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When Jesus was on earth, He was fully human, while retaining His Godhood.

He had human temptations, weaknesses, frustrations,

What people did and thought must have bothered Him and grieved Him immensely! He knew the heart of God, and He knew Truth as we will never know it in this world.

He must have wanted to say so much more….to turn the temple tables over and drive out the money changers much earlier than He did, but He waited until the Holy Spirit directed Him to do it.

He was without sin. Since it is a sin to even think bad things about people, how did He do it, being fully human?

He did it the same way we can. We have the same resources available to us, if we are born-again believers. Many times, He went off by Himself to pray to the Father…to connect with His Father, and be one with Him, which is what He prayed for us also, and we know the Father always answers His payers.

I lived many years with an unbelieving, hostile husband, and whenever I would get frustrated or discouraged, My Lord would remind me that He lived His entire time on earth with nothing but unbelievers. No one had access to the Holy Spirit until Pentecost, and our only access to one-ness with the Father and with Jesus, is the Holy Spirit working through our quickened spirits.

But after Pentecost, every believer received the Holy Spirit, so we have direct communication with the Father and Jesus Christ, to receive comfort, wisdom, direction, correction, reconciliation, and any other thing we need to make us what the Lord would have us to be.

When Jesus was on the cross, for us, God the Father had to forsake Him, for the process of justification, through Jesus Christ becoming Sin for us. This is the first time He did not have that access to the Father that He used all His earthly life.

This was the most devastating part of the things He went through. The physical pain was difficult, but it couldn’t compare with being separated from His beloved God and Father!!!! It was the first time in eternity they were ever apart!!! He was, in essence, being separated from Himself, since He was and is One with God, and always was God. He felt like what unbelievers felt like….like those He watched throughout His earthly life, who did not have that connection with the Father.

This was almost more than He could bear!!!! This was why in the Garden of Gethsemane, He asked that the cup be taken from Him, …He was not thinking of the physical pain, but of separation from His Father…..but, He submitted to His Father’s will.

God forsook Jesus Christ so He would never have to forsake us!!!!!

Because of the sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ, God the Father will always be a Fa


ther and God to us, and He would always be available to us, whenever we want to turn to Him, with our whole hearts!!!

He will give us every need we have—-not necessarily outward things like prosperity or healing, but the inward ability to submit wholly to His perfect will for us and our loved ones. He will change us internally to be more like Him!!! He will change our desires to match His, direct our prayers, and give us the wisdom and tools to lead lives pleasing to Him.

There is no other blessing that can compare!!!

Let us spend time with Our Father God, and ask Him to change us into His wonderful image, as He has planned, individually, for each of us.

God bless you!

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