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Live in the Light of Our Lord


When Jesus was on earth, He was fully human, while retaining His Godhood.

He had human temptations, weaknesses, frustrations,

What people did and thought must have bothered Him and grieved Him immensely! He knew the heart of God, and He knew Truth as we will never know it in this world.

He must have wanted to say so much more….to turn the temple tables over and drive out the money changers much earlier than He did, but He waited until the Holy Spirit directed Him to do it.

He was without sin. Since it is a sin to even think bad things about people, how did He do it, being fully human?

He did it the same way we can. We have the same resources available to us, if we are born-again believers. Many times, He went off by Himself to pray to the Father…to connect…

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