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There is great power in family structure obediently carried out.

The Scripture is explicit about paternal authority, and the power in

blessings given by parents.—–raising the child in the way he should go.

God’s perfect order begins with Christ as the head of the family. Then, the Father

is His earthly representative to the family, submissive to Jesus Christ, making him the spiritual head of that family.

The mother is next, being submissive to both Christ and her husband, then, of course, the children are to be submissive to their mother, father, and Jesus Christ.

Grandparents are a significant part of the family also. Children are to honor their parents until death, no matter how old the children are. The eldest living parent, be they grandparents, or great grandparents, are the true spiritual heads of the families. This is very important in God’s eyes, and something that is also being disintegrated in our modern society.

This progressive authority, of course, must be in line with the Word of God, and the intent must be for the good of the family. There are times when a father will exert false authority, derived from selfishness or a desire to rule, for the wrong reasons, not for the spiritual good of the family.

When this happens, the wife must become the spiritual head of the family so that the Lord will have openings for blessings and instruction. She needs to do this in a way that won’t create unnecessary discord in the household.

Parents are to rule in love and humble submission to the Lord. If a father is proud of being in authority, he will not make a good spiritual head. He may be a good father by human viewpoints, but his personal pride is in danger of stifling his ability to hear from the Lord in matters of importance spiritually.

People don’t make babies, God does, and He has no grandchildren. Parents cannot make a child into a good human being alone. We must bring the Lord

into our family structure. It is humbling to be entrusted with this little person’s care and training, and without God’s help, it is impossible to do it correctly.

This is difficult to do in the world we live in. Satan is working hard to disintegrate the family structure, because he knows how important that unit is to our relationship to God.

In our society, it is accepted for people to be intimate without being married, homosexuality is threatening Biblical family structures, and even in TV sitcoms, slowly the role of the father has been undermined for many years. Men are depicted as stupid, dishonest, and bungling. There isn’t the respect for the father role that Scripture depicts. Indeed, many men are accepting those adverse characteristics. More and more we see men becoming physical fathers without being real fathers. They are abandoning their children and their childrens’ mothers, and continuing with more promiscuous and criminal acts, instead of taking on the responsibility their positions demands.

Mothers, too, are, many times, abandoning their responsibilities. We see young women having children for the purpose of receiving benefits from the government. We see them not teaching them the values that God desires. We see them putting their sex life, their desires, and their comforts before the needs of their children.

So-called women’s equal rights has been spread from the workplace to the home, and many wives and mothers are revolting against the Godly submission that is a part of the family unit. ( Of course, this does not mean wives have no opinion, but it does mean that, after discussion and prayer, if the father is acting in a Scriptural way, that the wife should obey him and instruct the children to do likewise.)

All these societal changes are what satan wants to happen, because he knows that the power of God is channeled through the family. He started it in the Garden of Eden when he pitted Adam and Eve against each other, and when they were questioned by God, they blamed each other.

The True Christian Church needs to turn these things around, and bring God back into the family structure that is the basis of the church, if not modern society.

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