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Once She stood tall among the Nations! Once She followed Yahweh’s Laws!

Now lost in sin’s worst companions for her Leaders! Where oh where has She gone?

The Ten Commands stood in her Halls, following after Judaic and Christian Laws but gone now, no more!

She was everyone’s Friend in need and stood with Israel all the way! Now, sad to say, a Goat Nation and waiting for Judgment to fall!!

A Nation of Liberty for all and freedom of speech for every race and color! OH, I cry for, “Sweet Land of Liberty”, where all men are free! Oh, it is so sad to see where she has gone; against God’s every Command, the God of all Creation, The God of Salvation, Jesus !!!

Gone forever, never turning back, too late now, we have gone too far! Nothing is Sacred anymore here except the few who stand with Him!

What can we do, where can we go? There is no where to run, BUT WE CAN STAND! STAND WITH ALL OUR MIGHT!

Raise your hands to the sky to The Almighty One! No one on earth can save you, just He in Heaven, waiting for your call out to Him!

Let us who know Him, raise our voices to the clouds, and cry out for our Land and our family and friends!

Never again will it be what it was to live in America, yes, the good old U.S.A.

Young generations will never know her in her glory!

The Land our forefathers fought for, our fathers and grandfathers!

Glory Halleluiah!! The Truth goes marching on! Yes, our eyes have seen the Glory of The Coming of The Lord, in the fields of battle across the sea and here in our Land!

He is Coming Soon, Praise Yahweh, not long to endure!

Turn your eyes to Jesus now before it is too late, look into His wonderful Face! He came to Save you, He Died an awful death for you and me! Please, don’t ignore His Call! Repent and be ready! It may be today or ten years but be ready, my friends! Our chance in Now! Our Land is gone so let us not follow the wrong ways, let us be one of Jesus’ People to the end!

What is ahead is not pleasant but we can endure for Jesus and find our way Home to Him! May Our Lord be with each and everyone and know His Direction and Follow Him!

In the mist of chaos, Jesus gives peace!

In the Center, He Is and Was and Is to Be,
Now and Always!

Author unknown (edited)

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