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Live in the Light of Our Lord


  If we call ourselves Christians, then we must ask ourselves, have I truly accepted Jesus as my Lord…..not just my Saviour….not just repeating a prayer so I can get to heaven, but  have  I TRULY given  my life to Him, fully wanting HIS will in my life and that of  loved ones….. not my own… no matter what that may mean?   Have I been making time with Him my main priority….not because I think I should, but because I truly WANT TO, because I love Him so much, and yearn to be with Him?

Have you asked those questions?  Are you living this way, if not, don’t despair.  He is always there to help us to be what He wants us to be.  Just ask Him to help you grow to that point in your relationship with Him.   Then spend time with Him—-talking to…

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