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Live in the Light of Our Lord


Did you ever wonder why God’s Word talks so much about Eagles,

and wings.

Exodus 19:4 speaks of the Israelites Exodus from Egypt….God says,

“…how I bare you on Eagles’ wings…”

Ps 103:5 speaks of “..youth renewed like eagles’ “

Isaiah 40:31…promises …”mount up with wings as eagles”

God speaks many times of the speed of eagles….Lamentations 4:19,

Deut. 28:49 Jeremiah 4:13 2 Samuel 1:23, and many other verses

Compare the power of God to Eagles speed.

 God’s creatures portray a facet of Himself. Not as eternal, omnipotent,

omniscient or omnipresent, but a part of His wisdom is put into the

instincts of His creation,

One of the most magnificent is the eagle. I am fortunate to live in

an area where eagles reside. Our farm lies on the edge of a ravine,

where the currents are just right for large birds to ride…

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