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Colossians 1:17—“He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” If all people, even Christians, only knew just how wonderful and powerful Jesus Christ is!!! He was before all things, in the Father. Back in Genesis, way in the beginning, God used the pronouns “us” and “we” referring to Himself. The Trinity goes way back to the beginning of the earth. In Jesus all things were made, and all things are held together by Him. That means everything from the tiniest electron in an atom, to the largest body in the universe—all directed eternally by Him. “Even a sparrow doesn’t fall to the ground without the Father”….The Trinity of the Godhead is interested in all things in our lives…..the tiniest as well as the largest. Go to Him for everything. Talk to Him constantly. He is Your Friend, as well as Your Lord and Saviour.

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