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I don’t have to tell you what kind of society, what kind of world system we live in. Every Christian knows, or should know, that this world system is in the hands of satan. The world still belongs to the Lord Jesus, and He will take it over at His Second Coming, to be sure, but the system that is in control now is satan’s false kingdom. He is the ruler of the “tares” that are growing in the wheat field in Matthew chapter 13.

This evil world system controls most of the governments, the communication systems, and a great share of the economic enterprises. At least in the US at the time of this writing, this is obviously the case, as the true Church of God is being increasingly oppressed by the human beings in authority.

Of course, those people are not working on their own. Again, every true Christian knows that the Prince of the air in controlling them, unknown to some of them, while others are openly devoted to him. The goal of satan is, and always was, to keep as many from the kingdom as possible. Don’t be deceived, he is not ignorant of God’s ways. He was the most powerful, most talented, and most beautiful angel in heaven, as well as, I am sure, the most loved by God, before he defected. So he knows how God thinks.

He knows how Our Lord uses His people in the Spirit, to accomplish His will on earth sometimes. He, of course, can, and will, do whatever He desires directly, but sometimes He chooses, for our benefit, to use us in the process, because it bring us closer to Him, with what is necessary to obey Him.

For us to know what He desires of us, we need to communicate with Him. It’s very difficult to communicate with anyone with background noise disturbing the concentration. To communicate in the Spirit is even more difficult with distractions, because it’s not only outward sights and sounds, but our inward thoughts, plans, desires, and physical needs that flare up in our minds. Of course, the enemy understands all this very well. His demons are busy constantly to create chaos in our lives, in order to stifle our work for the Lord, and thereby take souls for himself.

Quietness is spoken of in the Word 52 times. Once a week. Is that random? Of course not. Our Lord is always speaking to us between the line of His written Word, if we will listen and study.

He spoke of quietness in the land sometimes for many years. Quietness in the land would be peace, joy, contentment, and love, all which come from knowing Our Lord’s inner peace. That usually happened when the ruling king at that time was spending time with Jehovah.

Both Nehemiah and Caleb, as well as Moses and others, seemed to routinely quiet the people before they spoke with them. Samuel told Saul to “be quiet, and I’ll tell you what the Lord said to me last night” Psalm 107:30 says, “Then they are glad because they are quiet; So He guides them to their desired haven.” He can’t guide us in our lives if we’re not quietly listening to Him!!!! Notice, it says “haven”—this is also for protection, which we definitely need in this evil world. If we’re listening to the world, we won’t hear His direction in the time of danger.

God won’t compete with the world, or our thoughts and desires, in order to speak to us. He won’t force us to listen, anymore than He will force the world to believe and obey. We must quiet ourselves.

Psalm 131:2 tells us “ Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul, Like a weaned child with his mother;
Like a weaned child is my soul within me.”

Why did He say a weaned child? You would think that a quieter, more comforting picture would be a smaller baby who has drunk his fill and is sleeping in the arms of his loving mother.

But Our Father is telling us that we need to be self controlled, not wanting the natural desires of our physical bodies or emotions, but to be calm, quiet, just enjoying being with our beloved Lord and Savior, desiring whatever He wants to give us. That quiet weaned child is not asking for the milk he has gotten for so long while on his mother’s lap. He is enjoying the love of his mother without the milk he desires. He is trusting that his mother will sustain him when it is needed in whatever way she sees fit, as well as protect, guide and love Him.

That is what the Lord wants from us. We need to quiet ourselves, shutting out the constant and variable noise that satan throws at us in this world system, and shutting down our personal desires that are aroused by all that noise and commotion.

How well the writer of Psalm 35:20 looked forward to our time!!! He said: “For they do not speak peace, but they devise deceitful matters against the quiet ones in the land.”

We are screamed at on the devises that are thrown before our faces everywhere we go, with the desires of this evil world. We are blasted with lies about what the government is doing, or not doing, and it makes our heads spin!

Our eyes are attacked with quickly moving sights of full, momentary color and movement that erases any legitimate thought on our minds. There is always music, advertising, movement, and a screen “screaming” in living color, anywhere we go. Even pumping gas, there is a screen there taunting us with advertising. No, they do not speak peace. Yes, they do devise deceitful matters against the quiet ones (Christians) in the land. We must create our own peace that they cannot take away.

It seems everything in this world is smart!!! There are smart plugs, smart watches and light bulbs, you can get smart sweets, smart pants, smart socks, and of course smart appliances of all kinds. There are even smart locks, that should be smarter than the thief trying to open them. You can even drink smart water, and keep your baby dry with smart diapers. I have horses, and feed them beet pulp, which is now called “smart beets” What will the beets do to show their intelligence?

Foolishness in advertising and “news” for the purpose of deceiving our senses and insulting our thinking is out of control. I haven’t even started on the evil activities in leadership. You know what they are. This is the slaves of satan doing their thing, prompted by their taskmaster demons, who in turn are slaves of satan also. Children of the Father should have NO PART in even giving the light of day to activities like this!!!

We should be shunning these things, living as basically and simply as possible, and spending our time in quietness before the Lord, listening for His still, small voice for our lives. Everytime a Christian gives in to the world, he gets weaker spiritually, and it gets more and more difficult to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.

We must spend time in the Pure Word, meditating, thinking, speaking quietly to the Lord, then listening for His response. There are wonderful commentaries, devotionals, and other helpful books which will help you to work on this, as well as guiding you to obtain peace, trust, faith, joy, guidance, protection, and of course, Salvation if you are not yet saved. Bedtime is a great time for quietness before our Savior, instead of TV. Get a good Biblically-based book (not a self-help book or other counterfeit) and the Bible, and quiet yourself, read, and speak your heart to the Lord, then simply listen, with your mind on Him alone. You will see that you will fall asleep much faster than you did before and sleep peacefully.

Let us make up our minds to be quiet before the Lord very often also during each day, even for a few minutes, while waiting for something. Most people instinctively reach for their phones during those times. Please develop the habit to reach for the Lord Jesus instead!!!!

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