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GOD’S WORD FOR SEPTEMBER 16~~ 2 Chronicles 16:9 Amp.~~ “For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth so that He may support those whose heart is completely His. You have acted foolishly in this; therefore, from now on you will have wars.” This verse is preceded by a description of how King Asa ran his nation, with Hanani as the prophet. In short, whenever he relied on protection from another nation (in this case Syria), he lost the battles, but when he relied on the Lord, he won. This is how a summary of the battles of the entire history of the Chosen people went. Still, they didn’t learn. It is also a picture of our nation, and of our individual lives. Our nation did listen to the Lord in history, but not recently, and certainly not in recent history. Therefore, we hear the Lord say, “therefore, from now on you will have wars.” We often see the first part of this verse quoted, but not the whole thing. We don’t like to hear the second part. But, this applies to us as individuals, also. We, too, will have wars in our lives when we rely on the world instead of the Lord. He is looking for individuals who will rely ONLY on Him. Individuals who will not take the bait of the evil-doers and governments. If we rely upon Him, we will have peace within ourselves no matter what happens around us. If we rely upon the world, we will have inner turmoil, worry, fear, and relationship problems with others. As nations go, so do the people. However, notice that in the amplified version (which related to the meanings in the original languages) He promises support for those whose hearts are completely His. That means, that even if a nation falls apart because of it’s faulty practices, individuals and the True Church as a whole can still turn to Him and cling to Him, and He will find a way to protect and support us in the midst of it. LET US FULLY TRUST HIM ALONE!

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