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GOD’S WORD FOR DECEMBER 8 ~ ~Revelations 22:16 ~ ~ “…. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.” Jesus is the descendant of King David through a line that included Rahab and Ruth, whose stories are in the Old Testament. He had a normal, yet varied, and surprising ancestry, right down to Mary. He is unquestionably the Offspring of David. But, He is also the Ancestor of David, and of every human being ever born. More than that, He is the Root, the deep beginning of David. He is our Creator and David’s Creator. The pharisees could not understand that. In John 8:58-59 He told them that He existed before Abraham, but, more, He revealed to them that He is the Great I Am, the God of Abraham. But, rather than believe, they tried to stone Him. Many today, in their need of proof, and mindful explanations, will not admit to this, because this points undeniably to the Diety of Christ. Many cults, whose followers call themselves “Christians”, deny His Diety. In the same verse, He tells us that He is the Bright and Morning Star. He is the Star of the morrow.—- of eternity. He is the Light of the World each morning, both here and forever. He alone, as one with the Father, can say “I am that I am”. We thank You, Lord Jesus, and we praise You for eternity. We thank You for Your Word that reveals You to all who will read it with open hearts. Please help us to continue to be awed by Whom You are, let Your Word both warm our hearts and chill our bones as we realize who we are, and Who You are. Please, Father, draw our loved ones and many others to You through Your Son, Our Lord. In Your wonderful name, Jesus, and because of Your sacrifice and intercession, we pray this. Amen

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