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GOD’S WORD FOR DECEMBER 11 ~ ~ Lamentations 3:33 ~ ~ “For He does not afflict willingly and from His heart. Or grieve the children of men.” The Bible makes it clear that God controls all things. There are no “co-incidences”. He controls or allows all things, even the “bad” things. Since He knows all things, which we, of course, don’t, He knows the future and WHY these things have to happen. We are in no position to judge the “why” of anything. This verse makes it clear that He doesn’t WANT to hurt anyone—-neither His Church (children of God) or the unsaved (children of men). But for the whole salvation picture to come out right, we must go through what is His will that we go through. The thing for us to do is to run to Him, cling to Him, and submit to Him in it, and He will bring us through it triumphantly and as a result, we will know Him so much better than before. He instills wisdom in the storm. Thank You, Father, that in Your great wisdom, You orchestrate everything for everyone, saved and unsaved alike, but You instill Your Grace, Your Presence and Your Love in Your children, the saved ones. We bow to Your majesty and Your wisdom, and we thank You for Your Presence in our Lives. Please show us how to react in the tragedies of our lives. We ask this in the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

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