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GOD’S WORD FOR MARCH 12 ~ ~ Exodus 32:5~ ~ “Now when Aaron saw the molten calf, he built an altar before it; …” Yesterday, we talked about the Glory of God shining on Moses’ face, as God wrote the ten commandments with His Almighty Hand. Meanwhile, the rest of the Israelites

were getting impatient. Knowing full well what Moses went up on the mountain for, and having had the strict instruction not to go near because the GREAT I AM was appearing so near to them, (the God who did all the miracles to free them from bondage), yet, they thought they could control the time for God!!!! When they left Egypt under the power of God, He told them to borrow gold from the Egyptians. I believe He did this to test them, and they failed miserably. Instead of using that as a sacrifice to God in thanksgiving for their freedom, Aaron (Moses’ brother) made for them a golden calf out of the jewelry, after they became unruly and told him to do it. The golden calf represented a god of the Egyptians!!! They all saw the miracles that set them free, yet, they used the very gifts of God to mold an pagan god!!! What is worse, Aaron said in Exodus 32:4, “This is your god, O Israel, who brought you up from the land of Egypt.” THIS is what brought you up? A golden calf? Aaron saw the miracles. He was even the voice of Moses, because Moses couldn’t talk well. He was right there. Why would he say this? Why is he not telling the people to remember what God did, and how He brought them out of bondage? We can all ask so many questions like this of ourselves. Why don’t

we acknowledge what God did and does daily for us? Why do we use the gifts He has given us to “mold” pagan gods of selfishness, worldliness, envy, strife, love of leisure, pride,……the list goes on indefinitely. Are we reveling in the things of this world like the Israelites were, even in the shadow of the Mount of His Presence, and the shining of His Glory? That Glory is in us if we’re saved, and yet, do we acknowledge it? Do we acknowledge His constant presence with us? Do we praise and thank Him for all the times He helps us, holds us up, guards, guides, removes obstacles comforts, teaches, …..and so much more than we know? Let’s not follow the veiled and blinded children of God.

We have His presence with us and in us. Let’s not forget that. Talk to Him, thank Him, praise Him!!!!

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