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This is a prayer written by John MacArthur, of Grace to You, and one we all need to pray and heed.

May we be only loosely interested in this world and only insofar as it advances Your kingdom. Help us to know that all that is around us is perishing and passing away, and isn’t worthy of our love, but only that which is eternal matters. Help us to pull in all the loose ends of our distracted lives with all kinds of things flying around in the breeze and to start to think about priorities; and that will press us into that one great fixed reality of what is coming for us as the final expression of Your grace: our future glory—undeserved, and yet waiting for us. May we fix our hope on that future grace, and live in anticipation of it, and never be drawn away into this world, never be caught up in what disappoints us, because even the things that trouble us profoundly are simply ways to prove that our hope is the real thing because our faith endures the trouble.

We thank You for the trials that increase our confidence in a gift that is a true and saving faith, so that our heart burns even brighter with hope, having endured suffering. May we live in the light of our future, eagerly waiting to see You face to face, which is far, far better than anything here. We long for that final grace, and we thank You for the promise of that grace to come through Christ. Amen.

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