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GOD’S WORD FOR MARCH 24 ~ ~ Isaiah 43:20 ~ “The wild animals honor Me …… because I provide water in the desert and streams in the wasteland…”

The couch’s spadefoot toad of the Sonoran Desert is an example of how God takes care of creatures under extreme conditions. THIS TOAD LIES DORMANT IN THE HOT DESERT ELEVEN OUT OF TWELVE MONTHS EACH YEAR. It has built in sensors that tell it when a violent desert storm occurs. It can detect vibrations of pounding rain miles away. Thus, it knows to emerge from the sand when pools of water form, and call for females. Shortly after the egg-laying they both return to the cool sand.

Meanwhile, it’s a fight against time for the eggs to survive before the puddles dry up. The water must stay for 9 days for them to survive. Those that do, have only a few weeks to eat enough to survive their own “burial” for the next eleven months.

God had to instill these instincts into them at their creation, even though they weren’t needed in the perfect conditions of the Garden before sin entered.

This is just one of hundreds of proofs that Biblical Creation is true. Evolution could never pull this off.

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