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GOD’S WORD FOR MARCH 29~ ~ Genesis 6:15~ ~ “This is how you are to build it: The ark is to be 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high.” (measurements translated from cubits) ~ ~ Noah was an ordinary man, living far from any body of water. He certainly had no idea how to build a ship, nor did he have any wish to, until God told Him to. He was well over 100 years old, with no special skills or strength. Yet, because of his obedience to God in a pagan world, he was chosen to be the instrument for saving creation to start over. God told him every detail of how to build the ark, which he and his sons built by hand, over 100 years’ time. The dimensions and design, right down to lining it inside and out with pitch, was under the direction of God. They worked and preached steadily in the midst of intense ridicule. Think about it—-he’s telling them water is going to come from the sky!! They had fun with this “nutty family” because until that time when the rains started, it had never rained on earth. The ground was watered by a mist from the ground. There was a canopy of water above the earth, and when the time came, God opened that up, and the water poured down. It wasn’t rain as we know it, it was a tidal wave from the sky!!! At the same time, He opened the oceans up, and they spread powerfully over all the earth. (Genesis chapter 7) The power of all that water moving and gushing had to be immense. Yet, that box-shaped ship withstood a year of that. A study of hydrodynamics has demonstrated that a giant boxlike vessel like the Ark would be unsinkable. Even in a sea of giant waves, it could tilt 90 degrees and always right itself again. The large fins that God directed Noah to carve in to it, kept it stable against the waves, and many ancient ships used that same design for navigating ocean currents. Many ocean going cargo ships use that design to this very day, and can carry 30% more cargo with fewer crew members than other designs. It is important to note that the ark was a symbol of Jesus for us. When we are truly in Him, focusing and communicating with Him, we are safe from the evil around us, and our own inner wickedness. There was a window at the top that Noah could control, (He brought the dove in and out that window) but the big door on the side, God controlled. In Genesis 7:16 we’re told that “God shut them in”. He sealed the door from water and evil, as He protects His own now and always.

OUR GOD ALWAYS KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING. ALL WE NEED TO DO IS OBEY! I wonder what He wants to do through some of us, but we’re not making ourselves available? It may not be as huge as what Noah did, but it may mean someone’s eternal salvation, because, after all, the ark was a picture of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Show people to come to Him now in the midst of this wicked world, and be saved for eternity.

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