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GOD’S WORD FOR APRIL 1 ~ ~ Psalms 119:160 ~ ~ “All Your Words are true;  all your righteous laws are eternal” ~ ~   Christianity is the only religion  that is based on historical facts.   Other religions are based on the ethical and religious opinions of their founders.  Jesus repeatedly claimed to be the Creator God and all of the over 350 prophesies, written hundreds, even thousands of years before,  of His being the Messiah came true in every detail.   The truth of the worldwide flood has been evident in fossil and geological finds all through the years.  Historical cities and nations that came and were subsequently destroyed, were prophesied hundreds of years before they happened.   Astrological facts prove that the description of the universe described in the Old Testament account, are found to be absolutely true, with today’s sensitive instruments.

With all these, and many other, facts available to anyone who cares to find them, there is no reason to believe the lies of the devil in the mouths of the “scientists” who ignore the proofs before their eyes and falsify the findings for propaganda.   Since the factual proofs are true in the Bible, we should know that the truths about eternal life are also true.   It would be foolish to ignore that, and wake up too late for your personal eternity.   The goal of evolution is to destroy faith in God’s Word.  If they can get someone to believe that the creation chapters are false, it would follow that people would question the rest of the Bible. If they question that, they will miss knowing the True God, and miss the open window of time to accept salvation through Christ.  That window is closing quickly.   God’s will is that all will be saved, and satan is working to block as many as possible from the Truth.  But, archaeology  proves over and over, via sample analysis and fossil structures that evolution is not only false, but it is fraudulently altered to fit their narrative.   Even with a little personal thought, it is clear that it is ridiculous.  The Word of God is the only thing that is always true in every detail.  Thank You, Lord, for giving it to us!  We pray that the eyes of many people will be opened to see You in Your Creation!!!  We pray this in the name of That wonderful name of Jesus Christ, Who stands to intercede for His people.  Amen

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