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GOD’S WORD FOR APRIL 2 ~ ~ Psalm 136:4 ~ ~ “To Him who alone does great wonders, for His loving kindness is everlasting…” Leviticus 17:11~ ~ “For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you …” We have three types of blood-carrying tubes in our bodies. Arteries, veins, and capillaries. These are different sizes, and branch out like branches on a tree. Capillaries are tiny, microscopic vessels that connect the smallest arteries to the veins. They are the most abundant of all blood vessels. If 40 capillaries were laid end to end, the length would be only about one inch. Yet, there are so many of them that if all of them in one body were laid end to end, they would wrap around the equator twice!!!!

What’s more, their walls are perfectly made so that when blood is pumped through them, the plasma is forced through the porous wells to nourish cells in the vicinity. BUT their walls are strong enough to not allow red and white blood cells to go through, or for the walls to burst. The relationship between the capillary walls and blood pressure have to be absolutely perfect.

Can you imagine this developing from a bug in a swamp all by itself, as evolutionists would have us believe? No, this is the result of an infinitely wonderful Master Designer!!!! That Designer, Jesus Christ, took on a human body, containing all the things He Himself created with the Father, and blew those vessels, spilling His blood for you and me. He sweat drops of blood in the Garden from the sorrow over the sin He had to bear for us. His blood was real, like ours, and His passion was real, like ours. But His love was infinite, because He was still God, as well as man, and that’s why He took our pain and suffering until the end, when He could say, “It is finished”………don’t let His suffering be for nothing in your life. Receive Him, live for Him, and enjoy Him for eternity! It is entirely your choice.

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