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GOD’S WORD FOR MAY 4 ~ ~ Psalm 26:7 ~ ~ “That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all Your wondrous works.”

The more we see of the ~ ~ beyond amazing ~ ~ things the Lord did in His creation, and how He rules and holds all things together now and forever, all we can do is praise Him!

Here is another example—certain species of jellyfish. They have lights on their bell-shaped bodies and on the ends of their tentacles. When a predator spots them and approaches, they will turn the blue lights off in their bodies, and just keep the white lights on the end of their tentacles glowing. As soon as the predator goes for the light, they turn those lights off also and scoot away.

But sometimes the predator will follow anyway. For this, God gave them a back-up or emergency plan. In this case, they will turn both the blue body lights and the white tentacle lights on, until the predator approaches, then they turn off the body, leave the tentacle lights on, but detach the tentacles. They will stay lit, and whip around, keeping the predator busy for the get-away! What an interesting show that would be to watch!

Another kind of jellyfish practices the ultimate in cooperation. They gather in siphonophores, which are colonies of the creatures, all linked together about 1500 feet below the ocean’s surface, in deep darkness. When linked, the colony can be up to 40 feet long. As such, they are so in sync with each other that they act as one creature! Some will do the work of the mouths, some act as stomachs, some do the work of the swimming, while others keep casting out there tentacles to gather food for the many-in-one creature.

If this isn’t amazing enough in the natural world, it is also a symbol of the Christian spiritual world. It

is clear that everything in creation, and everything in the historical teachings of the Bible, all point to Jesus and the Salvation Plan.

This is one of them. The siphonophore is symbolic of the Church of Christ. We are each individuals, but we are linked in Him. We all have different jobs for the whole, and all benefit from what each individual does. It is a perfect picture of His plan for His Bride, the Church.

We thank You, Lord Jesus, that You, in Your creation, and in Your Word, are always drawing us to You, and showing us Your Perfect plan in parallel with the things we see and experience around us. We thank You for Your constant presence within those who are truly Yours, and we pray for more to come to the knowledge of Your Perfect Love. In Your wonderful and glorious name, we ask this of the Father. Amen

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