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GOD’S WORD FOR MAY 5 ~ ~ Matthew 6:28~ ~ “…Consider the Lilies of the field…..”

There are various kinds of lilies, but the voodoo lily is interestingly designed by its Creator.

When the pollinating season is in full swing, it will raise its temperature by 25 degrees, while releasing an odor like rotting meat!!!! This will attract beetles, looking for a good rotten meat meal!

There are special chemicals within the plant that are released, and the elevated temperature increases the rate of evaporation of other chemicals that also attract other pollinating insects.

As the beetles hurry to the lilies and crawl around inside the flower looking for the rotten food, they get covered with pollen, and spread it to the next lilies when they move on.

This shows us again that nothing in creation ever happens by chance. It is all by design of the Master Designer. This is true of everything in our lives also. NOTHING is by chance. All things are under the feet of Jesus, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

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