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GOD’S WORD FOR MAY 12 ~ ~ Ps 104:27~ ~ “They all wait for You to give them their food in due season.”

The gauchos, (or cowboys) in Argentina use bolas to catch animals, much like westerners use a lasso.

It is a long leather strap with a weight on the end, which they skillfully throw in order for it to wrap around the animal.

It’s not surprising, then that the Creator God made a spider with that same skill and able to make the same weapon. The Bola spider doesn’t make a web. Instead, he makes a single strand of silk with a sticky glob on the end.

He gets food ahead of time, even if not hungry, and wraps each one in silk to save it for when he’s hungry. His favorite is the male moth, which he could get up to 8 per night to put in his “silk pantry”.

God gave him the ability to generate the same scent as a female moth to attract male moths. When the moth comes to investigate, the spider casts his long thread and catches the moth with the sticky end. Of course, he must be accurate, because there is no second chance.

His thread is so elastic it can stretch up to 600% of it’s length and still be sticky enough to catch the moth firmly. The bola doesn’t waste energy either. He sits back and lets the moth struggle, then “reels him in.” to wrap him up.

This is another headache for evolutionists because one species is not normally able to detect the scents of another species. How could this spider “learn” not only the scent, but how to make it? The fact that he doesn’t make a web, further proves creation, because that would have been from his beginning, and without the bola, the species would become extinct within a short time. It is clear that his creator made him that way from the sixth day of creation!!!

Our Creator and King, the God of the Universe, teaches us how to get along in this world, our temporary home. He provides us with the tools and weapons we need, both spiritual weapons and earthly ones. As His creatures listen to Him teaching them, so we should always be listening to His instructions for our best life, and ways to live to glorify Him in everything we do and think.

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