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GOD’S WORD FOR MAY 13 ~ ~ An Anonymous Poem


F.R.O.G. Or Fully Rely on God

It is a noteworthy acronym

It really should make us take the time

to look to and trust in Him.

We always seem to think we can

Do everything on our own.

How easily, though, we do forget

ALL we are and have is ON LOAN.

The twentieth verse of Romans 1

Again rings loud and true.

God said He’d show Himself to us.

In His creation, which we should view.

Take, for example, the little frog:

God always meets its needs.

He gives it food, a mate, a home

And watches its young in the weeds.

God carefully designed the frog’s body, too.

With a long tongue and powerful legs.

Its skin is perfectly camouflaged,

And jelly protects its eggs.

Because of this, the frog never frets;

There is much for it to do.

Since it only does what God planned out,

It lives without worries, too.

The Bible says in Job 12:9-10

Even the animals know

That Jesus has given them life and breath,

So FULL TRUST in Him they show.

Lord, let us learn from what You’ve made

To fully rely—YOU KNOW BEST.

Then help us to DO what Your Word tells us to,

So in Christ we, too, can find rest.

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