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GOD’S WORD FOR MAY 17 ~ ~ Psalm 33:6 ~ ~ “By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth.”

We could think of the atmosphere as the breath of God. He sustains all things, controls all things, guides all things, created all things——-all by the breath of His mouth—by His Word going forth!

The earth’s air is mostly nitrogen—78%. It has 21% oxygen, .03% carbon dioxide, and some trace gases. These percentages are always maintained by His control of the chemical reactions within the plants, and changes in the atmosphere.

But, contrary to the dramatic fears thrown out by the media, there has never been, nor can there ever be, any drastic changes in the air we breathe. If there would be changes, all life would cease to be.

If the oxygen level were reduced by just 4%, animals and humans would be unable to breathe. Likewise, if the oxygen level were raised by 4%, fires would begin from oxidation reactions that would threaten the lives of most if not all living things.

Obviously these levels couldn’t have happened “by chance”, or gradually, or there would be no life.

They HAD to have been there from the beginning….on Day 2 of Creation.

Unbelieving people “in power” would have us believe that man is so important and so intelligent, that he has no need for God, because he is his own god.

This is the same sin that Lucifer committed, and a third of the angels. Men and angels from both sides are interacting and have been since the fall of man. They don’t know that they aren’t in charge, nor do they know that they really aren’t their own gods. They are controlled by satan, if they’re not humbled before God. That’s why Jesus said to let the wheat grow with the tares until the harvest, when they will be separated.

The time will come, and is here now, that there are no “fence sitters” Everyone is under either the devil or the Lord Jesus. If you attempt to be neutral, the government that is approaching will force you to decide. Decide now, while you are free to think it out. Only Jesus Christ suffered more than any human being ever did or ever will, ……………to save you. Make the right decision. “Today is the day of salvation.” 2Cor. 6:2

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