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GOD’S WORD FOR MAY 16 ~ ~ Psalm 50:11~ ~ “I know all the birds of the mountains, And the wild beasts of the field are Mine.”

We’ve all seen birds sliding their beaks along their feathers. I was told they were grooming themselves.

While this is partly true, an amazing thing is actually happening—-product of a Wonderful Creator!

When we look at a feather, we see the center shaft, and the barbs coming out from each side like branches on a tree. Also like a tree, smaller feathers, called barbules, come out from the barbs, then, in turn, barbicules come off systematically from the barbules. The amazing thing is that these different sized feathers are woven together like a zipper! What we’re seeing the birds do with their beaks along the feathers, is zipping them together again—maybe after a bath or strong wind. It seems that man “invents” what God already has created!

But that’s not all that’s amazing about feathers. Being extremely lightweight, durable and complex, the design allows for the feathers to hold air (being zipped together) for flight and for protection from cold and heat. The space between is an extremely good insulator, and the tiny bit of oil coating makes them waterproof.

One of the evolutionists’ favorite myths is that bird feathers evolved from reptile scales. There is absolutely no similarity in any way between reptile scales and bird feathers. Not in fabric, design, structure, durability, or function.

So next time you’re enjoying the song of your favorite bird, think about him zipping up his sweater!!!

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