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GOD’S WORD FOR JUNE 22~ ~ Psalm 146:8~ ~ “The LORD opens the eyes of the blind: the LORD raises them that are bowed down: the LORD loves the righteous….”

Our eyes have two kings of sight cells. Cone cells that are for seeing color, but need a normal amount of light to function well, and rod cells that work better in in less light, but cannot see color. So, as the light level becomes lower, we have a decreasing ability to detect colors. That explains why we sometimes end up with one blue sock and one black in the early morning.

But God, in His great wisdom, created the ghecko differently. To test if they could see in the dark, they made cards with a checkerboard pattern of blues and grays. Geckos were then trained to take crickets labeled with one of the cards. Then, when they offered the geckos crickets labeled with a blue card, they rewarded with the expected cricket. Crickets labeled with gray cards were made bad-tasting by being placed in salt water. During these tests the light level was so low that researchers could not tell the difference between colors. However, the geckos took the crickets labeled with blue cards more than twice as often, proving that they could see the color differences.

While we are His special creation, He didn’t give us much of the physical advantages that He gave His lower creation. That’s because we have one thing that none of the other creatures have—-the ability to connect with Him through the Spirit. We are the only ones created in His image, with a spirit.

That spirit in each of us became dead because of the sin of Adam, but when we repent of our sins and acknowledge that Jesus is the Lord of the Universe, and our personal Lord and Savior, our spirit becomes alive, and we are connected with Jesus through the Spirit. That is when our real life begins for eternity! Then our eyes aren’t limited, because we see in a much different way.

Have you taken that step from your heart to know that you will live joyously with Jesus for eternity?

Don’t wait too long!

John 6:6:37 Amp “ All that My Father gives Me will come to Me; and the one who comes to Me I will most certainly not cast out [I will never, never reject anyone who follows Me].”

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