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GOD’S WORD FOR OCTOBER 4 ~ ~ Job 10:12~ ~ “Thou hast granted me life and favour, and thy visitation hath preserved my spirit.”

Yesterday we talked about God’s protection of the Swallowtail Butterfly from birds as it grew up. In earlier days, we talked about plants that defend themselves from insects with chemicals. Today we’re hitting closer to home.

Did you know that the tomato plants in your garden also have body guards? When an insect begins eating a tomato on the plant, every leaf on the plant will turn out chemicals that will, at the least, give the insect serious problems and possibly kill him. At the same time, the plant has warned its neighbors of the danger, and the other tomatoes, too, are turning out the same nasty chemicals. Just one insect can trigger a plant war.

The latest research suggests that the tomato under attack communicates with its neighbors by releasing a chemical called methyl jasmonate. (This chemical is commonly found in perfumes.) Methyl jasmonate warns neighboring plants that hungry insects are in the neighborhood. On receiving the news, they begin producing the two chemicals that prevented you from digesting the protein in your lunch. This reaction has been seen among a number of plants, including cotton plants and various trees.

Who would ever have imagined that plants warn each other about attack? Who would have guessed that they know enough chemistry and insect biochemistry to mount such a clever defense? While even we who believe in creation are amazed, we know that the Creator can and did equip plants with these abilities.

We, too, are at spiritual war every day of our lives, if we’re believers. The holy Spirit will give us discernment when we or someone else is being attacked. As the Body of Christ, we should be connected spiritually enough to discern when another needs help and come to the defense with prayer, sending out a warning to others. God provides the armament and the ammunition, and orders. He just needs our availability and willingness.

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