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GOD’S WORD FOR OCTOBER 8 ~ ~ Genesis 1:29~ ~ “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food.”

It is difficult to imagine what things would be like had we not fallen into sin. We have never known the perfect world that God created for us.

Thinking about fruit, as just one example. A garden full of fruit trees with just two people eating them would make for a lot of rotten fruit on the ground, right?

But that’s in our world. That world was totally different. First, all the animals ate fruit and plants. There were no prey and predatory interactions. No killing, No rot, No rust, No anger., No frustration, No envy. No death! Work was easy!

That is until satan came to visit. When Adam and Eve gave in to his lies everything changed. All those things that weren’t present, now are, and shortly after, the first murder took place, triggered by envy, bringing on the first pangs of death, and so it goes. From then on, mankind was disconnected from God from conception, and guilty of eternal punishment because every person sins, and heaven can only house perfection.

This world is all we know. We haven’t seen anything different. We’ve become accustomed to the fact that all things pass, all things come to an end, and no person is perfect. We know that when things are going good, they won’t always go good. We’re not resentful, it’s just the facts of life in a fallen world.

Many people think that this is all there is and all there ever will be. We live this life, and cease to be, and that’s that.

But the One who created the Universe, the earth, nature, and mankind (who was created in His image), won’t stop there. He didn’t create this for sin to make it a circle of despair. He created it, He told us, for His Glory. This world that we’re living in certainly doesn’t give Him any Glory. Of course, His Glory is within Him. He doesn’t need anyone or anything to “give” Him Glory, but He wants to share the joy of that glory with mankind. Also, when we give Him glory and thanks, it changes us.

However, even though all of mankind is made in His image, and in the beginning, communication with Him was ongoing and unlimited, when our first parents sinned, that all changed. Communication came to a screeching halt because the first humans stopped being open and honest with their Creator and God. He had to pry the confession of their sin out of them, and even then, everyone blamed someone else. (just like now). But the damage was deterioration, sin in the heart of every individual, and thus grief and lament in the hearts of men. And we now think it’s normal.

As the Word tells us, we were created to give Glory to God, but God won’t command it nor will He otherwise force us to give it. Love isn’t love when it has no choice. So, time will go on until every person has been tested, to see if we will totally submit our lives to Him of our own free will. We have this one short life to determine our eternal destiny.

The first step in submission must start with making a decision—or not—to give our lives totally to Him. This isn’t a call to join a church, (although that may happen) or to lead a better life by ourselves, but it is a personal decision to live a separated life. Not separated physically, but our thoughts and hopes will be different from the world around us. Once we confess the Lordship and Kingship of Jesus in our personal lives, we will see the sin around us in the physical things of this world. When we read His Word, we see the promise of everlasting life with Him on the newly made perfect earth that won’t ever be corrupted. We will understand His Word more and more as we grow, and submit more areas of our life to Him, and by that, improve our communication with Him.

But the greatest thing is that our sins are forgiven because Jesus took them. The Word tells us that we become a new creation, which is why we see things more clearly and lose our desire to sin. We will live eternally with Jesus on the new earth and new heavens, in the end, taking the whole story full circle, because not only will satan be locked away forever, but all of nature will be renewed, and the connection between man and God will be repaired. It will be a world of the Garden of Eden.

Isn’t that GREAT? But hold on!!! This doesn’t happen to everyone automatically. The Word is just as clear to speak of the horrible consequences of not accepting the forgiveness that comes through Jesus’ torture and death. He did it for all, but each has to accept it to become reality, just as any gift is not a gift until it has been accepted by the recipient. Will you accept Him, and live in eternal joy in a perfect heaven and earth?

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