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GOD’S WORD FOR OCTOBER 23 ~ ~ Acts 7:49-50~ ~ ‘Heaven is My throne,
And the earth is the footstool of My feet; What kind of house will you build for Me?’ says the Lord, ‘Or what place is there for My rest?  Was it not My hand that made all these things?’

Did you ever wonder why you don’t rust? Before you laugh, remember – iron is not only a major part of your blood, it is used to attract the oxygen that is carried by your blood to the rest of your body. And you know what happens when oxygen meets the iron in your car or a tool that is left outside overnight – rust! So, why don’t we rust?

Part of the reason is that the molecular structure of hemoglobin is very cleverly designed so that the iron in your hemoglobin attracts oxygen and holds it but, at the same time, is prevented from rusting. There are many designs that hemoglobin could have – but the actual structure prevents rust from forming. But 200 billion of your red blood cells die every day. The iron in those cells is no longer prevented by the hemoglobin from forming rust. So your body collects iron from these cells and stores it in tiny protective containers made up of the protein ferritin, where it is prevented from combining with oxygen and turning into rust.

Actually, these rust proofing systems in the body can go wrong because of a rare genetic defect called bronze anemia. People suffering from this defect actually do develop rust like deposits in their bodies, and sometimes the rust actually discolors their skin.

How, oh, tell me how, anyone, especially medical professionals, would not believe in an intelligent and loving Creator. Things like this can’t JUST happen!!!!!

Tell people these things. Many people who are Christians, don’t believe in the six day creation. This is blasphemous because that would raise questions on every doctrine of Christianity. That’s why Jesus said to look around you at creation, if you question God. His hand is on everything around us AND in us!!!

Romans 1:20 ~ ~ “ For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, being understood by what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”

This is a good starting point for presenting the Gospel to unbelievers. The foundation has to be solid in order for the rest of the teachings to hold up.

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