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GOD’S WORD FOR NOVEMBER 11 ~ ~ Genesis 4:22a ~ ~ “And Zillah, she also bare Tubalcain, an instructer of every artificer in brass and iron…”

While evolutionary historians refer to the ages of humanity before the birth of Christ with terms like the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages, it seems that human metal working technology was much more sophisticated than these names suggest. And that fits with what Genesis 4 tells us about human history.

An example of this was reported in the April 1957 issue of Science Digest. In the 1930s, archaeologists were digging in a small ruin on the outskirts of Baghdad when they uncovered something that looked very much like a modern dry cell battery. The object was analyzed, and a model was built by an engineer at General Electric’s High Voltage Laboratory.

The device turned out to be a wet cell battery that packed enough power to gold plate jewelry – history’s  first recorded industrial use of electricity. The battery was built and used by Baghdad silversmiths from 250 224 B.C. It was about the size of two modern flashlight batteries and was made of materials similar to those in use today and common in the ancient world, including copper and 60/40 tin lead alloy solder.

These discoveries make it nearly impossible to dismiss the early chapters of Genesis as mythical. The picture they present of a creative and intelligent humanity rings true. And the Bible’s message of humanity’s need for salvation in Jesus Christ rings true as well.

Atheists want to paint a mental picture of the people of the BC years at “Fred Flintstones” or “Alley Oops”. That way, they can discredit the Word of God and prophesies written at that time, as well as historical wisdom handed down. If they can get believers to discredit any part of the Word of God, they will shed a shadow on the rest of it…………..Salvation, the Resurrection, the End times prophesies,……. Therefore, satan can drag many to be with him in the lake of fire because they will fall to unbelief because of his deception.

That’s why I try to show people the Truth of the Bible, knowing that every Word is true, and inspired by God Himself.

Those who want to hide the Truth are working hard at it. Don’t let them deceive you. Every Word is true, and every historical event described in the Word did happen just as it is described. Evidence has been found more and more often in recent years.

Don’t be deceived about the past, and you won’t be deceived about your eternal future!!!

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