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GOD’S WORD FOR NOVEMBER 12 ~ ~ John 1:1~ ~ “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

One ancient language is so logical and precisely structured that it is being used to create a programming language that a computer can understand. Unlike most languages of the world, this language has few irregular verbs, no prepositions and almost no exceptions to strict grammatical rules. What would take a long sentence to say in most languages can be said in only a few words in this language.

One would think that we are talking about a new language, carefully designed and crafted by modern scientists. But this language, called Aymara, has been spoken by peasants in the Andes for 4,000 years! Because of its highly logical structure, Aymara is being used as a bridge language that enables computers to translate one language to another.

Since 1986, a computer has been using Aymara to translate Spanish technical and legal documents into English in the office of the Panama Canal Commission. This amazing computer can translate a 60,000 word document with 80 percent accuracy in only an hour. The final product must then be reviewed by a translator.

Generally speaking, modern languages are less logically structured and more irregular and often cannot express as many shades of meaning as can ancient languages. In other words, as we go back in time, languages are not less structured and less expressive; they are more highly structured and more expressive than today’s languages. This is powerful evidence that language has not come from grunting cavemen, but from the Creator Himself!

Christians as individuals as well as those determining doctrine of denominations, need to get back to the True Word of God, and stop listening to the world with its lies. Throw out the long-taught mind pictures of cavemen, trudging along with deformed, bare feet, and unintelligent minds, and read Genesis, chapters 1-10. God does not lie!!! If He did, He would not be God.

Every one of the other books of the Bible refers back to some part of Genesis 1-10, the creation chapters. That is where every doctrine of the true Christian faith comes from, and our belief about those foundational chapters is what will ultimately determine our eternal destiny—-absolutely and literally.

Heavenly Father, please open the eyes of readers of these daily writings, to know that You and Your Word are absolutely perfect, and that their very destiny hangs on those words. Open the eyes of their hearts to see You, in Your perfection, power, wisdom, love, grace, and peace. When They know You and Your dear Son, they will understand Your written Word, which is Jesus Christ, the Living Word……….one in the same!!!!! May they understand!!! I boldly come to Your throne and ask this because of the sacrifice and intercession of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, and ask it in His name. AMEN

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