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GOD’S WORD FOR JANUARY 14 ~ ~ Isaiah 56:8 ~ ~ “The Lord God, which gathereth the outcasts of Israel saith, Yet will I gather others to him, beside those that are gathered unto him.”

Dear Lord Jesus, Our Saviour and Lover of our souls:

You are the Great Shepherd. In these difficult times, Lord, we humbly pray that You gather Your people to Yourself, as You promised in Your Word. We pray that You gather the lambs that have gone astray, the sheep who have gotten into the burr bushes, those who have been injured by thorns.

We pray You gather those of us who are lost in the bushes and thorns of life, which are holding onto us, and keeping us from running to You like we need to to. Show us that we are children of the King and the powers of darkness have no hold on us. Show us how to stand and use the Power of Your Name to resist the demons who hold us down.

Show us that the burrs of our old self are still holding onto us, and, Dear Lord, please cause us to seek Your help as You show us in the Word. Help us to stay close to the Great Shepherd and follow You every minute.

Show us that when we are free of the burrs in our wool, Lord, after Your loving, nail-pierced hands gently release them, that You will also free our wool from the residues of our confinement……forgive their sins, and comfort us in Your strong arms.

Help us to relax in Your loving arms as a lamb who finally sees that You are his salvation. Help the hurting people to look into Your eyes, Lord, and see the infinite Love you have for them. Show them the secrets of their individual relationship with You, that is unlike any other. Each of us has a secret love affair with you…the Stone with the
Secret Name of the Book of Revelations….which is as individual as You created each of us to be.

Show them, Lord, how You lived their very lives in the Garden of Gethsemane……living each of our lives in their entirety, and feeling all of our pains and sufferings, guilt and temptation as You took on Yourself our sins.
For, You could not take on our sins without taking on our very lives, and BECOMING each of us…….help us all to ponder that deeply, Lord, for that is a powerful picture of Your love, and the picture of Salvation in its entirety, as You carried all that to the cross and beyond….to Victory and Resurrection….being EACH of us when You did it!!!!

I pray that we all will be revived in our relationship to You daily…..ever growing minute by minute in our dependence upon You.

We praise Your Mighty Name, and fall on our faces in reverence to You, Eternal Father.

We know these things are true, because You spoke them in Your Word, and we speak them in the relationship and power of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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