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Colossians 3:4 “ When Christ who is our life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory.”

If we are saved, then Christ is our life! Others should be as shadows compared to His glory. People will disappoint us, they will accuse us of things we didn’t do. It doesn’t matter if our eyes are on Him. He is all that matters. He is our strength, our provider, our Guide, Guardian, our example, Teacher, and the all-out object of our life. Though others turn their backs, He will always be there. In fact, sometimes He uses those situations to provide the avenue for something He is leading us to, or through, for which He will be there to continue to show His love and grace. Therefore, Lord, we accept whatever comes our way, as being approved by You and it will turn to Your glory in the end. (Romans 8:28) We thank You for that, and for Your hand in every part of our lives.

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