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GOD’S WORD FOR APRIL 19~ ~ Proverbs 17:24~ ~ A discerning man keeps wisdom in view, but a fool’s eyes wander to the ends of the earth.”

There is a lot of variation in all of creation.   God’s design shows His great wisdom and sometimes even a distinct sense of humor.  Evolutionists continue to search for that fossil that will prove their claims, but they cannot honestly find any even after all these years.  God created each animal after it’s “kind”—from the beginning.   There has never been found the remains of a partially developed species—part fish, part bird, or the like. There are no half developed feathers, half gill/half lungs,  or any changes with partly developed inner organs, which would be necessary for this to be true.  Still, they continue in their propaganda to our children in schools, with absolutely no proof.   If a reptile leg were to “evolve” into a wing of a bird, it would be a bad and ineffective leg long before it would be a good wing, how would the species stay alive with the awkward situation, in a predatory world?  The reptile couldn’t dig with a “wing”, to survive in his usual habitat, nor would he be able to live in water.   It is as silly as it sounds!

One of these mythical creatures the evolutionists deceive the public with is the Archaeopteryx (meaning “ancient wing”) They claim these fossils show this creature to be the “missing link” between reptiles and birds.  But, looking at it with a discerning eye reveals that it has fully formed and fully functional feathered wings similar to modern birds, and a distinct wishbone, which is a necessity for birds, in order to attach the wing muscles to the body.   The argument of the evolutionists is that this bird had teeth, and also claws on its wings.  But that is no argument at all because at least two modern birds (the hoatzin (pictured)  and ostrich) have the same things.

But, the schools and media will continue to spew these falsehoods, because they have nothing better to present.   We do.   It’s called God’s Word and that’s enough!!

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