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GOD’S WORD FOR APRIL 23 ~ ~ Psalm 35:10 ~ ~ “All my bones will say, “Lord, who is like You…”

The human body has 206 bones.   They are amazing machines, and do more than most of us knew, or if we knew,  maybe we haven’t appreciated them.  We know they are the rigid support for the soft tissue of the body—organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments,– They are also protection for these organs, taking the stress from the outside, and movement.  They act as simple machines, (levers) to move the body.  We don’t think about using our bones, we think about using our muscles, but the muscles are just the force to move the bones, and they do the actual work, and constantly support much weight.  For instance, walking can put a force of 3 times our body weight on our joints, and running, over 5 times.

They are storehouses for essential minerals.  They contain 99% of the calcium, 88% of phosphorus, and numerous trace minerals—–all assessed and appraised by our Creator at all times.

Besides being machines, storehouses, and protectors, they are blood factories!  God made bones hollow  to house the bone marrow which makes red and white blood cells, and platelets.   Again, all under the constant direction of our Creator.

When a bone is broken it immediately starts to repair itself.  Using your imagination and common sense, here is a brain exercise:   Try to figure out how the amoeba in the swamp, (all by itself via evolution, or the big bang)  managed to very slowly, through what the evolutionists say was millions of years,  keep itself alive, reproduce, and develop the complex  and very precise structures, then continue to manage them precisely at all times throughout those millions of years!

Scientists would be delighted (and wealthy) if they could produce a substance that grows continually, lubricates itself from within itself, and repairs itself with no shut down time.  Still, some will not acknowledge God as Creator and Sustainer.

Their lies prove how far the God-haters will go to try to justify in their own tortured minds that they are on the right track about life.   Sadly, it will be too late when they do finally realize that the God of the Universe creates and sustains everything, including us, and that at that time, He will not be their Savior, but their judge, because it’ll be too late.

It is not possible to be a true Christian and believe the lies of evolutionists.   They are calling the Word of God a lie. They are calling God a liar!   There is not one contradiction in the Word of God.   History has proven its truth over and over, and historians are forced to admit it.   Archaeologists have, and are finding that too.  But the secular world refuses to admit it, nor to put the truth out there for people to decide for themselves.

We must stand up for the Truth of the Word, or we are guilty of calling Our God a liar by our silence.

These are evil times.  Christians need to STAND UP!!!!   There are no lies against God that are too small to counteract!

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