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GOD’S WORD FOR APRIL 25 ~  ~Psalm 25:15 ~ ~  “My eyes are ever toward the Lord…”

The eye has high concentration of protein molecules in a transparent liquid.

Normally, protein isn’t clear—the water in the liquid would become opaque.  Clear vision would be impossible.  

“But God” (that beautiful, simple faith and peace-inducing phrase)   merely increased the concentration of the protein molecules and packed them together so tightly that they became like clear window glass!

Is anyone really foolish enough to believe that evolution could create the complex eye, much less solve this problem?

In studying all animals’ eyes, and also those of fossils, they found that they are all fully developed eyeballs with lenses, (or light-gaining spots with structure to accommodate that animal’s situation.)   There has been NO sample found of an eye that was partially constructed, or in the process of evolving.   How would that interim animal see enough to procure food or avoid being eaten by a predator without clear sight?   Impossible.

In order for the brain to see an image, a light-sensitive chemical in our eye must respond immediately when a photon of light strikes it.  This is called a photo-chemical reaction, and photographers use this same method for taking photographs.   The fastest photographic film requires the camera lens to be open 1/10,000 of a second.  

As with all things, God makes that look pretty pathetic……..In His creation of the eye, the first reaction takes place at 1/5,000,000,000 of a second!!!!  That’s one -five billionth of the second!!!!   That’s 500,000 times faster than our best camera-makers can come up with.

It is worth mentioning that even Darwin himself admitted that the eye seemed to defy his theory of evolution!

Why does man still think he can compete with the God of the Universe?   Why does he continue to build his towers of Babylon?   Pride—the worst of all sins—the sin that made Lucifer, the greatest of all of heaven’s angels, fall into the pathetic, evil demon he is.   

As children of God, there is no place for pride in our lives.  He is God and we are not—in all areas of our lives.  Nothing we do is of ourselves.  If we succeed, it is by His constant grace in our lives, and that not because of us, but always, only, because of Jesus Christ, our Lord!!!

“For thy lovingkindness is before my eyes …” ~ ~Ps 26:3

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