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GOD’S WORD FOR APRIL 26 ~ ~ Psalm 36:6-7~ ~ “…O Lord, you preserve both man and beast. How priceless is Your unfailing love!’

One of the cheapest and most efficient air conditioning method is evaporation of moisture. The Creator God revealed this to His created creatures thousands of years ago, just a day before He created man.

The pack rat is an example of using this method. They usually live in very hot climates, so cooling is obviously critical. In fact, their “stealing” of things, which gave them their name, is many times a part of their cooling process.

The little guy gathers and stores vegetation in compartments of its underground nest. These are connected by tunnels, which allow air to circulate within and between the compartments.

He even deposits his own body waste in the compartments. If that isn’t enough, he’ll borrow waste from other animals. When it gets very hot, the moisture evaporating from the material will make his home comfortable, and when it’s dried out, he’ll replace it.

Since they have been doing this for about 6,000 years, either pack rats are smarter than man, or they had a Wonderful Creator!!!

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