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GOD’S WORD FOR MAY 22 ~ ~ Isaiah 44:24 ~ ~ “This is what the Lord says—Your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb: I am the Lord, who has made all things….”

With computers being the norm today, and practically running everything we own, it’s easy for the world to praise those who invented them.

But let’s look at our bodies—our brain is far more powerful in thought and performance than the best computers, but that’s not all. Our nervous system is the most remarkable communication center ever designed. It works with the brain to control everything in our bodies.

The nervous system picks up millions of bits of information from our eyes, ears, skin, etc., and, at a speed of 300 mph, it sends that to the brain for analysis. The brain then decides what action to take to correct the problem, or enjoy the situation, or make some chemical change, muscle action, thought process, or whatever the brain determines is necessary. This, of course, is all guided by He who holds all things together, Jesus Christ. Our bodies are far superior to any computer invented, and that ever will be.

It’s not just humans either. Even the nervous system of simple animals are extremely complex. For example, the nerve ganglia and fibers of a starfish are more complex than London’s entire telephone system.

Man’s inventions cannot begin to compare with the God of the Universe, nor can we fully understand Him. But someday, if we’re saved, we will “be like Him, because we’ll see Him as He is.” (1John 3:2)

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