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GOD’S WORD FOR MAY 24 ~ ~ Genesis 5:5 ~ ~ “Altogether, Adam lived 930 years, and then he died.”

There is fossil evidence of early reptiles that are much larger than today’s. Since most reptiles don’t stop growing, we can assume that they were very old when they died.

According to the Bible, man, too, lived a very long time. In fact, almost all of the men living before the flood lived close to or over 900 years. — ten times longer than now. Even Josephus, a secular historian records that nine other nations reported people living up to 1,000 years, so it’s not just a “Bible thing” as some would want us to believe.

One reason for this could be that before the flood, conditions were much better for a long life than after. For one thing, there was a water canopy over the earth which protected the earth from radiation from the sun. This fell to the earth during the flood, while at the same time the oceans overflowed their shores. After that, there was no more extra protection against the sun’s radiation.

Another thing could be the relative young age of mankind. Genetics develop mistakes because of diet, lifestyle, and the environment through the years, and are still being corrupted. This could account for shortening the length of life also.

A shorter life is another good reason to make every minute count for God, instead of falling for the world’s “stay young” gimmicks that take time and money away from our relationship with our Savior.

Matthew 5:36 ~ ~ “…for you cannot make a single hair white or black.”

Time is short—–the hour is late—–the world is evil—-all the more that we should be about the Father’s business if we’re saved, and get saved if we’re not!!!!!!

Your religious rituals can’t save you. Keeping the commandments can’t save you (no one has successfully done it yet, surely you won’t be the first) and good works can’t save you. Only a personal relationship with the One who died for you will save you. Not much time left. Tell Him now!

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