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GOD’S WORD FOR JUNE 10 ~ ~ “Hebrews 1:3 ~ ~ “…… and upholding all things by the word of his power,……”

We talked about this portion of Hebrews 1:3 yesterday, about Jesus upholding and holding together all of material creation, including the function of every living system on earth.

Everything that happens in the material realm, has happened already in the spiritual realm. Everything that is happening now, has happened in the mind and eye of God before time began, and before creation.

He can do anything ~ ~ EVERYTHING ~ ~ except two things ~ ~ He can’t lie and He can’t fail.

That’s why we can rely on the literal carrying out of EVERY promise in His word. When a person promises us something, many times, it doesn’t happen for one of two reasons. They either didn’t plan to do it in the first place (lied) or they had very good intentions, but for various reasons, they were not able to do it. (failed) But neither of those are possible with God.

On the other hand, satan, who is always trying to take our eyes off of Jesus and the Father, is unable to tell the truth. Oh, he may momentarily spew a truth through his venomous teeth, but it is only for the purposes of perverting it or baiting us with it. We are no match for his intelligence, nor for his knowledge of scripture. He knows what God said, and uses that knowledge to trip up believers.

False churches are some of his products. They are true trophies of his ability to make people believe they are earning their salvation, and impressing God with their attendance, rituals, sacraments, and beliefs aside from the pure fact of salvation by Grace.

But Jesus, in “upholding all things” teaches us by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, what true Salvation consists of. It involves no work on our part, because He did it all. What we do now is out of gratitude and praise to Him for what He did. He even helps us with that! He upholds us in our prayers, as does the Holy Spirit. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith. We can’t create faith by ourselves, no matter how much we try. It’s all HIM. If we only understood the completeness of His upholding, we would be much farther in truly knowing Him.

He does all this by the Word of His Power!!!! His Word is more powerful than we could ever imagine!

Two tiny words from Him knocked people on their faces. One or two little words brought dead people to life, and healed hundreds! A few words created everything that ever was created.

That’s because He is ALL TRUTH. His words totally and perfectly match His character, He is upholding the spiritual world with His perfect Truth. The spiritual battles going on constantly in the heavenlies —-the close heavenlies, which is all around us —are being directed by Jesus even as we go about our daily business. He directs and empowers ALL THINGS —including the angels. He even gives satan permission to try us, as He did with Job, for the purpose of strengthening us. This is sometimes how He authors and finishes our faith—by putting us on the grindstone for a while. When it is finished, we can be grateful, because of the progress that He makes sure we make in our walk with Him. He watches us all the time, to make sure we are making progress, and to make sure it’s JUST ENOUGH trial to accomplish His purposes.

All the while, His great Love is surrounding us and upholding us. God is Love. (1John 4:8) He doesn’t just have love, He is the embodiment of a Love that is beyond the scope of our understanding. He wraps us in His loving arms while we are in a trial, (under the shadow of His wings) and if we are sensitive to His Holy Spirit, we will feel it. We will know Him. He upholds all things by the Word of His Power.

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