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GOD’S WORD FOR JUNE 17 ~ ~ Ecclesiastes 11:5 ~ ~ “ Just as you do not know the path of the wind, and how bones are formed in the womb so you do not know the activity of God who makes everything.”

I think God dangled a carrot in front of the evolutionists when He created the platypus. They would love to use it as proof of evolution, but instead, the animal himself proves without a doubt that it did NOT evolve, but was created just as it is today. If they had found a fossil of it, not having seen a living one, they would have been ecstatic! This is just what they needed to prove evolution! The problem is, there are platypuses alive today and they haven’t changed a bit from fossils found. I see a smile on the face of the Creator.

The platypus has features from completely unrelated animals.

  1. It is warm blooded and feeds its babies milk, and is covered with hair like other mammals.
  2. But, it lays leathery eggs, has a central ventral opening (for eliminating waste, mating and laying eggs) and has claws and a shoulder girdle like most reptiles. After hatching, the babies drink milk from their mother as the milk oozes through the skin of the mother.
  3. It can detect electrical currents like some fish.
  4. It has webbed feet like an otter, a flat tail like a beaver, and the male can inject poison into its predators like a snake
  5. It has a bill like a duck, and have no external ears.
  6. Their walking posture resembles a lizard. They have an enormous appetite, able to eat the equivalent of half or more of their own body weight in a single day. They have teeth when they are young, which are shed before the animal becomes an adult, and are replaced by horny pads; They eat insect larvae, crayfish, tadpoles, and other water animals.

Like squirrels, they have cheek pouches in which food is stored until it can be chewed;

God gave His puzzling creation some amazing distinctions for daily living. For instance, he has both claws for digging, and webbed feet that extend beyond the claws, for swimming. When he is on land, the webbing folds under his palms!!!!

His beaver-like tail helps with diving and balance, as it does for the beaver, and he has two layers of hair. The outer layer consists of very fine hairs of 900 hairs per square millimeter, and underneath, a furry fluffy layer for insulation. This way, he stays perfectly dry and warm even when diving in cold water.

Most of the time, he swims close to the surface, with a small part of his head and his muzzle above water. But he must submerge to find food, and God fixed things for him in this too. He gave him a fold of skin that closes over his eyes and ears. His duck-like bill is actually a sensitive muzzle that allows the platypus to find tiny food morsels at the dark bottom of lakes and rivers and under rocks using highly developed electro-receptors, or Electro-location system. This is what won over and at the same time, baffled believers in evolution. They had to admit that a transitional animal could not have such a sophisticated system of finding food.

Evolutionists try to say that the platypus, and animals like the marsupials, only found in Australia, evolved on that continent. This, again, is not true, because platypus teeth were found in North America, which are identical to modern day platypuses.

Again, modern scientists are pulling their hair out, trying to figure out what Our God and Creator was doing on that sixth day of creation week!

He watches every detail, will He not take care of us as we seek Him AND obey Him?

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